Maintaining, securing and migrating from MIM: our top tips

Maintaining, securing and migrating from MIM: our top tips

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) won’t be around for ever. But it’s still doing an important job for many of our customers. Are you getting the best out of it now? Is your implementation secure? Is it enabling the cloud? Are you well positioned for the future? Read more…

Posted: 20 June 2023
upgrade from FIM to MIM

Why upgrade from FIM to MIM?

Microsoft Entra is the future, but MIM can still be important, both to enable Microsoft Entra, and to support legacy on-premises apps. FIM is a very out-of-date version of MIM. Only by upgrading can you support the latest operating systems and components, and security protocols.
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Posted: 7 March 2023

How to transition from MIM? Ask the identity experts!

Many organizations are moving to cloud-based modern identity management to safeguard access to company resources, increase IT efficiency, and align to a zero-trust model. This webinar recording aims to help MIM customers identify their path to the cloud, based on timing, business requirements, existing infrastructure, and security exposure. Read more…

Posted: 14 April 2022

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