Making your identity data available to users – webinar recording

My 30-minute webinar recording about Service Panel is the third in a five-part series (see below) in which I demonstrate how the Identity Panel Suite can replace MIM when the time is right, and provide many additional benefits in the meantime. 

Please note that the first webinar, which covers Identity Panel itself, lays the foundations for webinars 2-5.

In this 30-minute webinar recording, I provide an overview and demo of how Service Panel works.

Service Panel securely shares select identity data with users to enhance business and IT operations.

Your identity management system contains a lot of reliable data that is typically used to make authentication and authorization decisions. This data can be used to enhance your business in other ways, too.

Service Panel allows you to enable users to edit select personal details (such as phone numbers), make self-service requests (which can be subject to approval), and see useful information about their co-workers.

Managers and help-desk staff can be given additional powers to view and edit data or fulfill user requests relating to various sets of users (such as their own reports).

Service Panel, which is part of the Identity Panel Suite, is cloud-based by design and includes built-in, pervasive security that ensures that each audience sees only what they should.

WOULD YOU LIKE A PERSONALIZED DEMO? For a discussion of your particular needs and a personalized demo of the Identity Panel Suite, please email me.