Enhance your Microsoft-based identity management solution and prepare for the future: webinar series

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) won’t be around forever – and many of our customers are asking us what they should be doing now to position themselves for the future. In my webinar series, I demonstrate a suite of products that can replace MIM when the time is right, and provide many additional benefits in the meantime.

Cloud-based by design and vendor-neutral, SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite is an impressive collection of identity management products that enhances hybrid AD, or Microsoft Entra ID alone. It can also provide a replacement for MIM (offering many additional features too).

So, whether your organization has already moved to the cloud or is somewhere on that journey, or if it is still largely on-premises, my webinar series is relevant to you.

In four 30-minute webinars, I discussed and demonstrated why we think the Identity Panel Suite is a game-changer, and covered key solution areas such as synchronization, making data available securely to users, and getting control over all types of groups.  I began with the Identity Panel itself, which provides the platform on which the other solutions are built. Each webinar is standalone, but they are loosely linked and there’s a benefit in watching them sequentially.


Webinar 1: A dashboard for visualizing and managing your identity data
SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel is the core component of the Identity Panel Suite. It provides a single interface for managing, viewing, and reporting on your identity data. It also enables the other solution areas which I cover in the webinars in this series – see below. WATCH NOW:

Webinar 2: MIM Synchronization engine: what comes next? 
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HyperSync Panel can co-exist with the MIM Synchronization Service, or fully replace it and provide additional features.

Webinar 3: Making your identity data available to users
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Service Panel securely exposes identity data to users, enabling solutions such as helpdesk, white pages, self-service, and custom reports.

Webinar 4: Getting control over your groups
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Access Panel is a governance solution that (amongst other things) provides flexible management for all your groups in any connected system.

Webinar 5: Testing your identity management implementation
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Test Panel provides automated testing of identity management systems.


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