About Oxford Computer Group

Founded by Hugh Simpson-Wells in Oxford, UK in 1983, Oxford Computer Group (OCG) is now an international family of companies. We are widely recognised as the leading provider of Microsoft identity solutions and have won Microsoft’s Partner of the Year award eight times.

Our highly experienced teams in locally owned and managed companies provide a comprehensive range of identity consultancy services to organizations across the globe.

In addition to a common mission and values, OCG companies share technical expertise and best practices to offer our clients an unbeatable combination of local service and international know-how.

OCG’s specialist training company Oxford Computer Training also offers industry-leading courses on Microsoft identity technologies and mentoring services to IT professionals in all parts of the world.

A meeting of the minds! OCG consultants from around the world gather regularly to share expertise and best practices.


About Oxford Computer Group UK

Oxford Computer Group UKOxford Computer Group UK was re-launched in 2022 to provide a full range of identity consultancy services to organizations in the UK and beyond.

Pictured L to R: James Cowling, Mark Forbes, Mark Hancock, Mary Thomas, Steve Griffiths, Andi Sheeka, Hugh Simpson-Wells, Shaun McCann


From large multinational and government organizations to small companies with complex identity needs, our expanding team of expert consultants will enable our clients to reap the benefits of modern, cloud-based technologies – notably Microsoft Entra – whilst also protecting existing investments and supporting on-premises systems such as Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM).

In addition to our expertise in Microsoft Identity technologies, we are excited to be the implementation partner for SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel suite, including the new HyperSync Panel which we believe to be a game changer.

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The Oxford Computer Group UK team

Identity management is complex and highly technical, but ultimately it’s about people. People you can trust with your critical data and infrastructure.

Our expanding team of consultants is highly experienced, talented, knowledgeable, and bursting with ideas. We love solving tricky technical problems and are passionate about helping organizations navigate their business challenges through best-of-breed technical solutions.

We have consultants with in-depth knowledge of on-premises environments, networking, migrating to the cloud, architecture facilitating heterogeneous environments, programming MIM, Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Entra Connect, and SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite.

Meet some of our consultants

Hugh Simpson-Wells - Founder/Trainer/Consultant

Hugh Simpson-Wells - Founder/Trainer/Consultant

Hugh, who founded Oxford Computer Group in Oxford, England, in 1983, has lived and breathed IT for almost 40 years in technical, management, and board-level roles. In 2002 Hugh decided to focus Oxford Computer Group’s activities entirely on identity and access management. Currently, he is passionate about SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite, MIM, Microsoft Entra ID, and Microsoft Entra Connect.

He can communicate as effectively in the classroom and conference hall as he can in the boardroom or one-to-one. Hugh has been described as “a guy that everyone just wants to be around.” The loyalty of his staff and colleagues over four decades bears this out.


Andi Sheeka - Managing Director

Andi Sheeka - Managing Director

Andi ensures our corporate infrastructure is working smoothly, efficiently, and securely. She has long experience as a trainer, course writer, consultant, and director.

She knows about enterprise architecture, system deployment, identity management, AD, MIM/FIM, cloud, Microsoft Entra ID, SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite, and how everything connects.

James Cowling - Director/Consultant

James Cowling - Director/Consultant

James has more than 30 years of experience in IT consulting and management. He has a deep knowledge of the Microsoft identity management and access stack as it has evolved and a passion for all new technology. A co-founder of Oxford Computer Group, James co-wrote the training courses for MIIS, ILM and FIM. He is an authority in strategic planning architecture, MIM, Microsoft Entra ID, and Microsoft Entra Connect and has been involved in many complex implementations of these products, some involving more than 150,000 users.

He lives in Germany with his wife, three sons, and an office full of hardware that he can’t bring himself to part with.

Paul Captainino - Trainer / Consultant

Paul Captainino - Trainer / Consultant

Paul’s impressive real-world knowledge of Microsoft’s identity technology, from ILM to FIM and now MIM and Microsoft Entra, is gained from his long experience in the field as a technical consultant. He’s a gifted communicator with an effortless presentation style – authoritative and knowledgeable. He’s a very popular trainer of our identity courses, regularly scoring 10 out of 10 in customer feedback.

Steve Mitchell - Technical Consultant

Steve Mitchell - Technical Consultant

Steve has worked in IT since his early teens in the 1970s when he helped University of Oxford professors develop biology tracking applications. For the last 45 years he has worked with a wide range of technology; developing encryption and network devices, getting patents for clients, and more recently developing most of the tools used by Oxford Computer Group, and providing identity consulting.  He is a guru in architecture facilitating heterogeneous environments and all things programming.

Steve is one of the founders of Oxford Computer Group.

Shaun McCann - OCG UK consultant
Shaun McCann - Senior Consultant

Shaun McCann - Senior Consultant

Shaun has more than 35 years experience in the IT industry from development to consultancy. He started out in bespoke solution development in various sectors particularly banking, government and telecoms. For the last 13 years Shaun has specialized in identity management from ILM, FIM and MIM to SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite.

Shaun lives in North Wales with his wife and two children both of whom are studying at university. Shaun enjoys a good book and enjoys many sports including Basketball, Rugby League, and Football. He is a qualified level 2 basketball coach and established a junior basketball club in his area.

Mark Hancock - Senior Consultant

Mark Hancock - Senior Consultant

Mark has worked in the IT industry since 1996 and has been involved in all areas of project delivery, specialising in messaging then identity management services. He is passionate about delivering high-quality solutions for clients that are successful and bring benefits to their business. He is an expert in SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite, MIM, and Microsoft Entra.

When not working he can be found with a good book or taking his son to various sporting activities.

Steve Griffiths
Steve Griffiths - Senior Consultant

Steve Griffiths - Senior Consultant

Steve is an experienced identity management consultant with over 30 years of experience.  He knows MIM, Microsoft Entra, and SoftwareIDM inside out, as well as having extensive experience with Active Directory, AD FS, and PKI,  and has worked with numerous clients across sectors helping them plan and implement secure identity management solutions.

Where we work

Oxford Computer Group UK is part of a global network of companies. We work with organizations in the following regions/countries:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australasia
  • Europe: all countries except Austria, Benelux, Germany, and the German-speaking part of Switzerland (which are served by our sister companies)
  • Middle East


Companies in the Oxford Computer Group family have a global reputation for the exceptional quality of our solutions and services, and the professional way in which we work. Oxford Computer Group UK is no exception.


Our highly skilled and experienced staff design, create and implement business solutions that bring real value to customers. Our expertise will bring clear and measurable results.


Earning and retaining the respect and trust of our customers, employees, and partners is very important to us. We operate ethically, honestly, and with integrity at all times.