SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite – we think it’s a game changer!

Cloud-based by design and vendor-neutral, SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite is a truly impressive collection of identity management products that sits perfectly alongside hybrid AD. It can also provide a replacement for Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM).

For many years, MIM was the mainstay of Microsoft’s identity management offering. But there has always been plenty of “white space” for products and applications such as SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel (originally called Sync Panel). With the launch of Entra, many organizations are now hybrid – enjoying the innovations of Microsoft Entra ID, while relying on MIM to take care of ongoing on-premises needs.

Originally conceived to extend and complement MIM, Identity Panel is now the core component in SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite which can augment your entire identity management system. It can also fully replace MIM when the time is right.

Identity Panel Suite solves important identity management challenges

The Identity Panel Suite includes innovative applications designed to solve key identity management challenges, such as complex account life-cycle management, self-service features, password synchronization, access control, attestation, and governance.

Identity Panel (the core application in the Suite) can connect to just about anything on-premises or in the cloud – thereby providing a single point for visualizing and managing an entire identity estate, with pro-active health management and a comprehensive workflow capability. It maintains a rich and highly searchable history of identity data across connected repositories, making it possible to perform forensic examinations and produce point-in-time audit reports with ease.

Identity Panel also provides the core functionality that enables four optional, additional applications – and together these comprise the Identity Panel Suite:

  • HyperSync Panel – a fully customizable synchronization engine to propagate identity information across systems (which can co-exist with or replace the MIM Synchronization Service)
  • Service Panel – a customizable portal for fulfilling self-service identity management requests and approvals (which can replace the MIM Portal)
  • Access Panel – a governance application providing features such as RBAC, ABAC, access reviews, and access management
  • Test Panel – automated testing for identity lifecycle and provisioning systems

See a demo now!

In 2023 we ran a series of five webinars to show how you can enhance your Microsoft-based identity management solution and prepare for the future with SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite. You can view the webinar recordings here. Each one includes an overview and a demo.

Planning for the future

Would your organization benefit from formalized identity lifecycle management? Are you planning to replace MIM soon? Would you like to have additional functionality that would also put you in a better position to replace MIM when the time is right?

If so, the Identity Panel Suite could be the solution for you. We think it’s a game-changer and the Oxford Computer Group UK team is uniquely placed to provide advice, implementation services, and support for the Identity Panel Suite wherever you are in your identity management journey. Why? Because:

  • We have a long-standing relationship with SoftwareIDM which goes back to when they first released Sync Panel (now Identity Panel) as an extension to MIM, and we have years of experience in implementing and supporting it.
  • Our sister company Oxford Computer Training has been commissioned by SoftwareIDM to write and present training courses for the Identity Panel Suite, including the exciting new HyperSync Panel.

“An unbeatable combination of product knowledge and implementation know-how”

The team at Oxford Computer Group has unrivalled and in-depth technical expertise, and their consultants have an excellent track record of successful implementations. They offer an unbeatable combination of product knowledge and implementation know-how. Todd Mollerup, Founder and President of SoftwareIDM

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