Oxford Computer Group UK offers a full range of identity consulting services to organizations in the UK and beyond.

Oxford Computer Group UK is part of an international family of companies with a long-standing reputation as leading source of identity expertise – from consulting solutions to training and mentoring. In addition to a common mission and values, Oxford Computer Group companies share technical expertise and best practices to offer our clients an unbeatable combination of local service and global know-how.

From large multinational and government organizations to small companies with complex identity needs, Oxford Computer Group UK’s expanding team of expert consultants and trainers enable our clients to reap the benefits of modern, cloud-based technologies – notably Microsoft Entra – whilst also protecting existing investments and supporting on-premises systems such as Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM).

In addition to our expertise in Microsoft Identity technologies, we are delighted to be the implementation partner for SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite, including the very exciting new HyperSync Panel.

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From identity, access and security consultancy services to training and mentoring, our expert team can help! So why not get in touch for an informal chat?

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Hugh Simpson-Wells of Oxford Computer GroupHugh Simpson-Wells, Founder of Oxford Computer Group Worldwide, Managing Director of Oxford Computer Training, and Director of Oxford Computer Group UK, says:

“Since Oxford Computer Training’s TrainingPlus initiative was launched in 2019, we have received numerous requests from clients to provide a more comprehensive consulting offering.

So we were delighted to relaunch Oxford Computer Group UK as part of our global family of companies in December 2022. Our expert team now offers a full range of identity management consultancy services to organizations in the UK and beyond.

We are in the unique position of being able to offer our clients an integrated, end-to-end package of consulting, training and mentoring services, tailored to their needs.

In addition, we are excited to extend our long-standing training partnership with SoftwareIDM to include implementation as part of Oxford Computer Group UK. With our expanded team of expert consultants now in place, we look forward to building customer solutions to unleash the power of SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite, including the new HyperSync Panel which we believe to be a game changer.”

We offer a full range of identity consulting services including...

  • Providing support and enhancements for Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), advising on alternatives, and facilitating the journey to the cloud
  • Reducing costs through an efficient and effective identity management platform using hybrid Active Directory, providing a single foundation for all core identity services
  • Straightforward, fixed price, quibble-free support services to help you keep your identity management system running smoothly and securely.
  • Managing digital identities simply and swiftly by synchronizing enterprise systems, both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Enhancing security and ensuring compliance through privileged identity management, conditional access controls, and other just-in-time solutions
  • Extending identity solutions with SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite

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We also offer identity training and mentoring...

In partnership with our sister company Oxford Computer Training, we are uniquely placed to provide integrated, end-to-end and flexible packages including identity consultancy services, training and mentoring which are tailored to meet our clients’ needs.


  • Public instructor-led training courses via Teams
  • Private instructor-led training courses via Teams or on-site
  • Online self-paced courses
  • Step-by-step video training
  • Staff mentoring
  • Training plus ongoing ad-hoc support

Key partners


Oxford Computer Group companies have worked with Microsoft since 1991 and have won the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award eight times.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience of Microsoft’s identity, security and governance products. We participate in development panels and test products before release. We also provide feedback to Microsoft on our experience of working with their products in real-world scenarios.


Oxford Computer Group UK is proud to be a SoftwareIDM partner, and we offer an unrivalled combination of deep and comprehensive product knowledge plus implementation know-how. Our sister company, Oxford Computer Training, has written and presented training courses for SoftwareIDM’s impressive Identity Panel Suite, including the exciting new HyperSync Panel, and our consultants have a successful track record of implementations.

We are excited to extend our long-standing training partnership with the team at Oxford Computer Group UK to cover implementation and support for SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite. Having written and delivered our training courses, the OCG UK team has unrivalled and in-depth technical expertise, and their consultants have an excellent track record of successful implementations.

They offer an unbeatable combination of product knowledge and implementation know-how.

Todd MollerupFounder and President of SoftwareIDM

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