Getting control over groups with Access Panel – webinar recording

My 30-minute webinar recording about Access Panel is the fourth in a five-part series (see below) in which I demonstrate how the Identity Panel Suite can replace MIM when the time is right, and provide many additional benefits in the meantime. 

Please note that the first webinar, which covers Identity Panel itself, lays the foundations for webinars 2-5.

In this 30-minute webinar recording, I provide an overview and demo of how Access Panel works.

Access Panel provides flexible management for all your groups in any connected system.

Directory groups are vital for managing security, and yet the management of them is often somewhat informal. Microsoft Entra ID has done much to improve the situation with dynamic groups and access reviews – but this still leaves gaps.

Access Panel, part of Identity Panel Suite, allows flexible management and reviewing of groups in any connected system, including on-premises Active Directory as well as Microsoft Entra ID. Access Panel provides application owners with reports, approval tracking, escalation, and other, more advanced governance mechanisms.

It can be readily configured for such solutions as:

  • Dynamic groups with exceptions
  • Self-service requests for access to systems, with various approval mechanisms
  • Access reviews for built-in AD groups
  • Formal management of permissions in any connected system

As part of the Identity Panel Suite, Access Panel is cloud-based by design, with built-in, pervasive security.

WOULD YOU LIKE A PERSONALIZED DEMO? For a discussion of your particular needs and a personalized demo of the Identity Panel Suite, please email me.