Do you feel you’re stuck with MIM and legacy systems?

In our experience, a feeling of being stuck with legacy systems is one of the primary reasons why organizations are not moving away from MIM.

The MIM synchronization engine can be connected to just about any system – even if that “connection” turns out to be a transfer file of some sort. As a result, it has been able to support all manner of legacy on-premises systems, and it has done a good job.

MIM enables legacy systems

The downside of this situation is that these legacy systems are enabled to keep running, and perhaps beyond the point where they should have been wound down or retired. Maybe we can capture this idea like this: “I’d like to turn off that server that I am having to support, and I know it is using out-of-date protocols and isn’t especially secure, but it works, and – well – I’m stuck with it.”

Sometimes it is important to step back and take a look at the whole identity picture. Are there systems that should, and readily could, be moved to the next logical stage? Are there opportunities being missed? Are there gaps and edge cases that really ought to be addressed? Isn’t it time we got unstuck?

A different view with a fresh pair of eyes

It can help to get an outside view on this – and here’s a shameless plug – OCG can help. A good starting point is a workshop where together we can:

  • Get an overview of your current identity solution
  • Understand your future needs and ambitions
  • Explain what’s possible
  • Discuss how we helped similar organizations with the same issues
  • Make high-level recommendations

On the back of any workshop, we can do a ‘deep dive’ to really get to know your MIM deployment:

  • Understand and document what is really happening
  • Identify parts of the identity solution that can easily migrated (to Entra, for example) then plan and work with you to make it happen

Any questions? We’re here to help!

Oxford Computer Group UK is part of an international family of companies that has been helping organizations with identity management across the world for over two decades.

  • Our knowledge of MIM is unparalleled – but our expertise extends throughout the Microsoft identity stack, including Entra
  • Our consultants have many decades of Microsoft identity management experience between them, and offer a safe and expert pair of hands to organizations from all industry sectors
  • Our directors were commissioned by Microsoft to write the training courses for MIM – and the latest versions of these are available from our sister company Oxford Computer Training along with staff mentoring and ad-hoc support services

Contact us today and arrange a no-obligation chat with one of our expert architects.

This blog is the fourth in my ‘Why is MIM not going away’ series.