Why is MIM not going away?

Since MIM was launched over 20 years ago, Oxford Computer Group companies have performed more than 1,000 implementations and trained many thousands of IT professionals in its use. And even though Microsoft has repeatedly announced its demise, it’s still around. Why is MIM not going away?

Technologies such as MIM typically have an adoption cycle which starts small, builds to a peak of maturity and eventually declines. The lifecycle of a product follows a similar pattern but of course implementations stay in place long after the initial adoption. While we are way past the top of the curve and on the down ramp as organizations move workloads to Entra (which is coming to its own peak of maturity), MIM is proving to have a very long tail. And this is despite the fact that Microsoft has announced more than one end-of-support date.

In our experience, there are good reasons why MIM is proving so persistent – and I expand on each in a series of blogs.

Do any of these apply to you?

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This blog is the first in my ‘Why is MIM not going away’ series.