Testing Identity Management Implementations

How are you testing your identity management implementation?

Join Hugh Simpson-Wells of Oxford Computer Group to hear him talk about testing, the particular requirements for Identity Management testing, and SoftwareIDM’s Test Panel.


20 years ago, when Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) first hit the streets, Identity Management (IDM) was a fairly simple affair. You could hook up to HR and AD and – hey presto – with minimal fuss and minimal testing, it just worked.

Implementations have since become way more complicated, extending into self-service, identity-driven security, and identity governance. Today, formal testing is as important for an Identity Management Implementation as it is for any mission-critical piece of software. But IDM systems have some special characteristics when it comes to testing, and can certainly benefit from automation.

A Solution

Test Panel, an application within SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite, is an automated testing tool for IDM systems. In fact, as far as we know it is the only generic automated testing tool on the market. Originally developed to validate MIM implementations, and then Identity Panel Suite implementations, it has been extended to work with any IDM system, utilizing (for example) Active Directory, Entra ID, Okta, SailPoint, etc.

Find out more

The 30-minute webinar is aimed at IT managers and professionals – but also business owners who are responsible for the proper functioning of IDM within their organization. It will be pitched at a not too technical level, and will allow some time for questions – but follow-up sessions can be arranged for people wishing to drill down into more detail.

All software needs testing – but not all software needs the same type of testing.

DATE: Tuesday 23 January, 2024
TIME: 8am PST | 11am EST | 4pm GMT | 5pm CET
DURATION: 30 minutes

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