Identity Panel: a single, clear view into your cloud and on-premises identities

The Identity Panel Suite from SoftwareIDM provides historical reporting for identity repositories such as Office 365, HR systems, ADFS. And for Microsoft’s synchronization tools (FIM, MIM, and Azure AD Connect), it offers comprehensive operational management capability.

Identity Panel integrates with and brings benefits to your entire identity landscape! It is the core component required by these applications:

  • HyperSync Panel is a fully customizable synchronization engine to propagate identity information across systems
  • Service Panel is a customizable portal for fulfilling self-service identity management requests, and approvals
  • Access Panel is a governance application providing features such as RBAC, ABAC, Access reviews, and access management
  • Test Panel automated testing for lifecycle and provisioning systems

With Identity Panel you can:

  • Generate powerful reports on status and changes
  • Get total visibility of your identity and access data
  • Track changes to your users and groups over time
  • Create workflows to automate operations and raise alerts
  • Streamline audit and compliance processes


If you run Identity Panel with FIM or MIM you can:

  • Reduce operational overheads through automation
  • Generate reports and alerts on operational status
  • Readily track and troubleshoot synchronization
  • Maintain a complete and continuous history of identity and operational data

Identity Panel's features

Time Traveller

Search for an identity using any attribute, and it will be displayed in Identity Panel’s Time Traveller interface. You can see how an identity is represented across your organization, and step through the entire history of its life cycle. For example, you can see the status of a user in any system at any point in time, including which groups they were a member of, and how a particular attribute flows between them – and you can get an immediate history of any user attribute.

You can also explore related items. For example, you can examine groups that a user is a member of, find their manager, etc.


Identity Panel has comprehensive security built in. You define the roles you need and assign them to users so that they see the features, reports, and objects they need, down to individual attributes. Users get a dashboard view that depends on the roles they have.


Identity Panel has powerful reporting capabilities. Standard reports are available, and you can create your own reports from current and historical data about users and their attributes, licensing, group memberships, and so on. This includes operational information about the health of servers, services, and databases (current and trend data).


You can configure and optimize schedules of activity such as synchronization cycles, and test for various conditions, sending alerts, or remediate issues where possible. Dashboards can be created to control and monitor synchronization cycles, display health checks, and present charts of all manner of data, including password resets, newly provisioned accounts, recent errors, and more.

Compliance and Audit

Would you be able to like to answer questions like these quickly and easily?

  • Who was a member of the HR administrators group at 10 am on August 14th?
  • What roles did John Smith have in the ERM system on July 22nd?
  • What are Jane Doe’s Office 365 memberships, who authorized them, and when?

And would you know immediately if someone changed the production configuration of Microsoft Identity Manager?

You can do all this and more with Identity Panel! Contact us if you’d like to know more.

FIM and MIM with Identity Panel

With Identity Panel you can:

  • Create and manage flexible synchronization schedules, with built-in checks for dangerous situations (such as mass deletions) – all through an easy-to-use UI
  • Manage and orchestrate activity across multiple instances of FIM/MIM and Azure AD Connect
  • Provide the helpdesk and other users with the control they need, without full server access
  • Set up advanced scheduling, health checks, and workflow rules (such as alerts), without the need for programming

Wouldn’t you like a single, clear view into your cloud and on-premises identities?