Wherever you are on your MIM journey, a Planning Workshop will be of benefit – from offering a fresh pair of eyes on where you are now and identifying quick wins to providing a roadmap for the future.

With our unrivalled reputation and expertise in MIM training and consultancy, we are uniquely placed to advise.

What is a MIM Planning Workshop?

A MIM Planning Workshop involves a one- to two-hour meeting during which we aim to understand, at a high level, an organization’s current MIM implementation. Following discussion of both functional and technical considerations, we provide a report with recommendations for short, medium and longer term actions.

What does a MIM Planning Workshop cost?

A MIM Planning Workshop costs £950/$1200/€1100, and this can be offset against any future engagement.

Who are our MIM Planning Workshops for?

Some organizations are still migrating from an existing system to MIM – and, very sensibly, they are asking “what next?” even as they complete that work. Many have plunged into the cloud-hybrid world and have already migrated some MIM Portal workloads to Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) – and, again very sensibly, they are asking “What next?”

Most organizations want reassurance that what they are doing now is OK – for example, to know whether their MIM implementation is as effective and secure as it could be, or whether they should be moving some or all workloads away from MIM.

In many cases, we find that no immediate changes are required but, more often than not, our expert consultants can highlight quick and easy “wins” – as well as providing the longer-term action plan.

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What do companies say about our MIM Planning Workshops?

Now we have a far greater understanding of what we need to do, how and why we need to do it, in what order and when. Thanks Mark.

The call was a real eye-opener. We already had a pretty good idea of the direction of travel, and so it was a very helpful validation of the work we have been doing with MIM with an eye on the future.

We have a massive sprawling environment and its complexities have evolved over years, leaving us with legacy systems to worry about. Our MIM Planning session was enlightening, and if I’m honest, a relief. What we’re faced with now doesn’t look so daunting. We can get to the future in phases, one chunk at a time.

Your analysis went straight to the heart of our issues and made sense of what’s needed. The report is very helpful. Thank you!

MIM Planning Workshop: Large international retail firm


Replacement of MIM environment (no obvious all-Microsoft solution, and 3rd party solutions considered too expensive)


  • Well-maintained MIM implementation: good leverage of opportunities in Microsoft Entra ID, with most MIM Portal workloads already migrated
  • Semi-manual leaver processes are a weak link


  • Short term – move remaining MIM Service/Portal configuration to MIM sync service, and tighten up/address leaver process
  • Longer term – replace MIM provisioning with ECMA Connector Host, to provision SQL and LDAP (via PowerShell) targets


  • Short term – performance improvements, and retirement of MIM Service/Portal infrastructure
  • Longer term – MIM totally retired and functionality all sitting within existing Microsoft Entra ID licensing

MIM Planning Workshop: Small financial institution


Phased MIM replacement


  • Highly regulated business
  • Persistent legacy systems managed by MIM
  • All existing synchronization functionality must be replicated
  • Considerable potential for additional identity-based processes to facilitate governance and audit needs


  • No immediate changes to MIM implementation
  • Implementation of 3rd party software (Identity Panel Suite) to cover access control and review
  • Roadmap for MIM migration to Microsoft Entra ID/Identity Panel Suite


  • Immediate improvement in governance posture, and readiness for MIM migration
  • Maximize benefits from Microsoft Entra ID investment, with no loss of synchronization functionality

MIM Planning Workshop: Large university


Roadmap for MIM replacement; maintain effective and secure MIM environment in the meantime


  • Complex MIM sync service and portal implementation touching a vast number of systems
  • Gaps in the JML processes (complications with student/staff crossover)
  • Server levels supported but not recommended
  • SSPR migrated to Microsoft Entra ID, but group management still in MIM portal


  • 18 significant recommendations ranging from process improvements, to server upgrades, to configuration improvements, to migration of workloads, and including retirement of many MIM Portal workflows
  • Further study to define long term roadmap


  • Improvements in functionality, security, performance and supportability
  • Significant simplification, facilitating eventual MIM replacement

MIM Planning Workshop: Private healthcare organization


Eventual replacement of MIM environment and automation of governance processes


  • Highly regulated vertical; legacy MIM implementation – governance processes not built in; MIM servers need updates
  • Initial indications suggest that a complete migration of MIM and other functionality to Microsoft Entra ID is feasible


  • Short term – 6 recommendations for immediate fixes to MIM infrastructure
  • Longer term – detailed study to define roadmap for migration, and validate that governance requirements met without 3rd party software


  • Short term – security posture improved and support loopholes closed
  • Longer term – roadmap for future

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