If you are thinking about Identity Panel Suite, and want to know more about the costs and benefits – this workshop is for you.

With our unrivalled reputation and expertise in Identity Panel Suite training and consultancy, we are uniquely placed to answer all your questions.

What is an Identity Panel Suite Workshop?

The suite is comprised of several products which provide a vast functionality and it may not be obvious which applications and providers (connectors) in the suite will be necessary in a given situation – nor what can be expected “out of the box”, and what will have to be customized.

The workshop involves a one- to two-hour meeting during which we aim to understand, at a high level, an organization’s current identity management infrastructure, and their general aims. Following discussion of both functional and technical considerations, we provide a report with recommendations for how Identity Panel Suite may be deployed, with indicative costs.

To be clear, this is neither an implementation specification, nor a contractual commitment – the aim is to provide a plan for a deeper analysis of the requirements, and an understanding of how the Identity Panel Suite can help you achieve your goals.

What does an Identity Panel Suite Workshop cost?

An Identity Panel Suite Workshop costs £950/$1200/€1100, and this can be offset against any future engagement.

How Identity Panel Suite can help

Identity Panel Suite is a very impressive piece of cloud software – and it is no surprise that organizations are paying it a lot of attention. There are many reasons for considering the suite, for example:

  • The need to replace the MIM synchronization engine, in light of Microsoft’s intention to phase it out – HyperSync Panel is a full replacement, offering massively improved performance and many additional features
  • Reporting capability that sits above, and provides insights into, your entire hybrid identity management infrastructure landscape – Identity Panel can glean data from all your cloud and on-premises systems, and provides a workflow engine and reporting system, in addition to its innovative presentation of identity data
  • The desire for a flexible user interface that integrates with service desk software – Service Panel is a customizable user and administration portal
  • The extension of governance capabilities to the enterprise – Access Panel offers permission management and attestation capabilities that work with, but go beyond, what Microsoft Entra ID has to offer

If you’d like help understanding how Identity Panel Suite can help your organization, and you’d like a better idea of the investments required, then this is for you. See recent workshops.

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Recent workshops

What do companies say about our Identity Panel Suite Workshops?

The workshop was very useful. You have validated our thinking and suggested some great ideas. We now have some facts and can see what’s possible.

Thanks Hugh. The workshop revealed that Identity Panel Suite, in tandem with Microsoft Entra ID, would be able to simplify and make sense of our complex systems. We now understand how we can replace Microsoft Identity Manager and are working on the business case.

We were really impressed at the speed with which OCG’s consultant understood our requirements and was able to articulate how each application in the Suite could benefit us. It was so helpful to discover a solution that will work for us in the future – and a company (OCG) to help us get there. Thanks.

A fascinating session!



Identity Panel Suite Workshop: International financial services company


Roadmap for replacement of MIM, and integration with service desk software


Mature identity management system, with well-defined user journeys – though leaver processes not fully automated. Current MIM implementation adequate, but Portal forms not sufficiently flexible. Company works in a highly regulated environment.


  • High level plan with indicative pricing
  • Proposal for detailed discovery engagement


  • Short term – Migration of MIM Service/Portal configuration to Service Panel and Access Panel
  • Medium term – Leaver processes improved, Access Panel Governance features rolled out
  • Longer term – Phased replacement of MIM synchronization with HyperSync Panel


  • Short term – Dynamic forms, integration with service desk software, retirement of MIM Portal infrastructure
  • Medium term – Improvements to identity lifecycle hygiene, automation of regulatory attestation processes
  • Longer term – MIM infrastructure totally retired, performance improvements, reporting and presentation of identity data, proposal for detailed discovery engagement

Identity Panel Suite Workshop: Large manufacturing organization


Full replacement of complex MIM environment


Very complex implementation involving multiple AD forests and a huge number of legacy and modern systems (on-premises and cloud). Many legacy systems can potentially be retired over next few years. Incomplete leaver process represents potential security risk.


  • High level plan with recommendations and benefits
  • Indicative pricing



  • Short term – Tightening up of existing leaver processes, migration of MIM SSPR and group management to Microsoft Entra ID
  • Medium term – Migration of primary JLR processes to HyperSync Panel, legacy systems staying with MIM
  • Longer term – Legacy systems retired, or migrated to HyperSync Panel


  • Short term – Reduced security risk, retirement of MIM Portal infrastructure, maximizing benefits from Microsoft Entra ID licensing
  • Medium term – Step towards MIM retirement, performance improvements, reporting and presentation of identity data
  • Longer term – MIM infrastructure totally retired; legacy systems supported as necessary

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